About the project

SafeTesla is a Auto-generating liquidity protocol / Static farming Token. SafeTesla has developed excellent products and services for the benefit of all Investors.
SafeTesla is a unique deflationary protocol based on the Binance Smart Chain that offers a variety of high- yield use cases. We are simplifying the DeFi ecosystem by offering a unique yet scalable DeFi solution that makes our original SafeTesla token more profitable for all users and operators. The main use cases of SafeTesla are NFTs, giveaways and crowdfunding for charity.


- Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,00
- Transaction fee: 10% of which
-> Redistributed to holders: 50%
-> Auto-locked in LP on PancakeSwap: 50%

How to farm SAFETESLA NFT’s?

We are very excited to share the news that our own NFT farm is live with our marketplace partner Unifty.io Our SAFETESLA NFT farm is now live! So grab your wheels and race to collect points and gather those collectables.Please follow each step underneath appropriately to access the farms.


Howdy, Tesla wizards & future Martians!

Howdy, Tesla wizards & future Martians! Eventually, the Sun will run out of fuel to burn and conditions on Earth will be different than what you’re accustomed to right now.Then why go to the Moon when you can go to Mars? Better yet, why not fly there? Yes, you heard it right! All-aboard before it’s late. Our electric shock is getting ready to depart hard and fast, and we don’t plan on leaving any bullish investors with diamond hands behind.Our $SAFETESLA rocket is fueled with high safety (it’s SAFEtesla, duh!) and low gas fees (bet you didn’t see that one coming, did ya?).

Activities on Mars

Mars Landing Tour

Was it real? We are 100% sure it happened.

Space Bar

Dine under the stars with views out of this world.

Galactic Arcades

Fun for the whole family in our zero gravity arcade.

Tesla Expeditions

Explore mars in style in our Tesla rovers.